How did your team become connected to ultimate?

Every Snowbird’s story is a little different than the next. Some of us started playing in high school, some in college, some after college and some at other points in our lives — we all started playing for different reasons. The important point is that now we’re all connected to the game of ultimate. We all love ultimate; we all love playing, watching, coaching and supporting ultimate; and we all want to continue acting as stewards of the sport as ultimate continues to grow around the world.

What aspect about ultimate is your team most passionate about? Why?

The Snowbirds are most passionate about Spirit of the Game (SOTG). As a masters team, most of our roster has watched the game of ultimate evolve during our tenure as players. As ultimate continues to gain in popularity and becomes more mainstream, we believe it will be more critical than ever to practice and protect SOTG. We promise to do our part by being as spirited as possible, game in and game out.

How does ultimate impact you and your teammates’ lives? 

Ultimate has, in some way or manner, changed the lives of every player on our roster. From friendships that have been formed, to finding lifelong partners, to growing as a person in a welcoming atmosphere, to really becoming an entirely different person altogether…life would simply not be the same without ultimate.

What is the Ultimate Foundation doing that excites your team the most?

We’re most excited that the Ultimate Foundation is working with kids. We all found ultimate at different stages in our lives, and we all wish that we had found ultimate sooner. Children are so impressionable, and having them learn respect, leadership, responsibility and Spirit of the Game at such a young age will truly be life-changing for them.

Why did your team give to the Ultimate Foundation?

Much of our team’s total donation came from friends, family and supporters of the Snowbirds. The Arizona ultimate community deserves much of the credit here. The Snowbirds and our supporters understand the importance of paying it forward. We have all benefited from being involved in the ultimate community, and putting a donation towards getting others involved in the sport so they can have the same life changing opportunities is more than worth it.

If your team could change one thing about the world, what would that be?

If we could instill a greater passion for teamwork in everyone around the world, the world would become a better place. Teamwork is so valuable and so powerful; when you’re part of a high functioning team, it feels like there really is no challenge that cannot be overcome. There are many crises that are occurring or developing around the world today, and now more than ever do we need to come together as a society and find solutions to these bigger problems.